It all started when…

I imagine that I met creativity like everyone else, playing when I was a child. Studying graphic design I got closer and when I started my career the relationship with creativity was even more intimate. A few months later, in the darkest moment of my life I realized that I did not know anything about it.
In my first job, at twenty-one years of age, I began to suffer from severe panic attacks and in a moment of despair I had a radical idea; Apply my own creative method of work to solve this problem. It was not because I was very smart or brave, it was the only tool I had. My therapist agreed about the idea as long as I visited her once a month at least. This idea about using my creative process challenged my reality, my imagination, my limiting beliefs. I learned to research, to use my intuition and to concretize any idea with an action always. Believe me, it went through hell doing this.
Almost after a year I managed to overcome my panic attacks and never came back, all thanks to that idea.
Seventeen years have passed since then and I still wonder if I really still know what creativity is, it always bring me something. Today I could say that is like a teacher of personal growth but in the future it could be much more. Mystery and hope at the same time.
I cannot help thinking that every time creativity is used to do different things, be it in a work project, artistic expression or even in one's lifestyle, one accidentally becomes a craftsman of mystery; looking to create new realities, because mostthings that surround us at some point were just an idea in someone's head.
How do you perceive creativity?